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Othello by Borbonesa

Othello by Borbonesa

‘Othello – A Bestiary (With Floral Additions)’ is a wordless reworking of William Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ as an illustrated collection of common, rare and fabulous animals.

In removing the text, Borbonesa present a deconstructed version of ‘Othello’ in which the storyline is plotted by the guinea-hens, baboons, blind puppies, strawberries and figs that inhabit the speeches of Shakespeare’s human characters.

The book is illustrated by Borbonesa's Ian Whitmore with a foreword by Anna Fewster and was originally published in September 2011 as a limited edition screen printed concertina-folded bookwork.
This reprinted edition is a laser-printed miniature version, bound in powder blue hardcovers.

54 concertina pages / 160gsm cream paper
Closed: 33 x 50 x 18mm
Open: 1620 x 50mm
Cover: powder blue rayon cover

This is a reprinted miniature version of Borbonesa's bookwork that was originally published in 2011. For more information on the original work:

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