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Tiny Idiot by Luke Drozd

Tiny Idiot by Luke Drozd

Tiny Idiot is a collection of 30 short stories written by the illustrator and fine artist Luke Drozd. It is a limited edition hardbound miniature concertina book, with shocking pink-coloured rayon cloth cover, wrapped in a printed-paper bellyband.

This book is a collaboration between Luke Drozd who wrote the stories and illustrated the belly band, and Micro Library Books designer Lee Shearman who has designed and made the book by hand.

For more information on the artists:
Luke Drozd
​Lee Shearman


​Edition: Limited edition handmade copies
Dimensions: 36 x 51 x 14mm
Weight: 32 grams
Cover Materials: 600gsm card, rayon pink-coloured cloth
Page Paper: 120gsm lemon
Page Dimensions: 34 x 48 mm
Bellyband Material: 150gsm paper
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